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There is no greater satisfaction than when you look at your phone and your battery percentage is the number of one of your favorite players.

When mentioning that, no it’s okay that only one Canadian team made the NHL playoffs, the Canadians were probably too tired after winning Olympic gold 

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Erik Karlsson and Melinda Currey


Can we just talk about this picture

too bad i wasn’t 6’4

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pksubban76 inquired:
You should rate me ;)

Very dece 10/10 go habs go

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Yooo 9.5/10


Can we just take a moment to realize how much of an understatement Kerby Rychel’s Instagram bio isimageLIKE


I JUSTimage

CANTimageYOUimageL O V EimageTEMPSimage


Anonymous inquired:

1. Had sex? Nah

2. Bought condoms? Nope

3. Gotten pregnant? Clearly no

4. Failed a class? No thank god

5. Kissed a boy? Yes

6. Kissed a girl? Nah

7. Used a little paper bag for lunch? Who hasn’t

8. Had a job? Yep

9. Slipped on ice? Lolol oh yeah

10. Missed the school bus? No

11. Left the house without my wallet? All the time

12. Bullied someone on the internet? No

13. Sexted? No

14. Had sex in public? No

15. Played on a sports team? Yup

16. Smoked weed? No

17. Smoked cigarettes? No

18. Smoked a cigar? No

19. Drank alcohol? Yes

20. Watched “The Breakfast Club”? Always

21. Been overweight? Yea when I was little

22. Been underweight? No

23. Had an eating disorder? No

24. Been to a wedding? Many

25. Made fun of someone for being fat? Nah